Beginner #1: Intro to Abstract

Beginner #1: Intro to Abstract

Welcome to Intro to Abstract. This is the very first class in my abstract painting series of classes, and one of my favorite classes to teach! Here we will paint a 16" x 16" painting together, step by step, using a limited color palette, introducing basic concepts of abstract painting that results in a beautiful, well composed painting you'll be happy to hang on your wall.

This class has a 30 day rental period (i.e., time limit), and you can watch as many times as you'd like during those 30 days. The rental period starts once you have accessed the video (clicked the link to watch). It works just like Amazon or iTunes paid movie streaming services.

Supply List available at the link on the navigation bar on my site, and below:

Paint (Golden Heavy Body Acrylics)
" Titanium White (5 oz. tube)
" Mars Black (2 oz. tube)
" Yellow Ochre (2 oz. tube)

Paint Application Tools
" 2" chip brush
" Bright Size 8 Brush (Princeton Brand)
" 3" plastic knife with trowel
" 7" x 10" Butcher Tray Palette by Art Alternatives
" 11" x 15" Butcher Tray Palette by Art Alternatives

" 16"x 16" x 1 ½" canvas by Art Alternatives (or comparable priced brand)
" Gold Leaf Flakes by Mona Lisa
" Gold Leaf Sealer Aerosol Spray by Mona Lisa
" Paper Towels (any brand you'd like, not from Binders)
" Two Large Jars for Water (I like wide mouth mason jars)

Beginner #1: Intro to Abstract

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